Prototype to Prosperity BOOTCAMP

You must be so overwhelmed.

You have an amazing product that you know people will just love, but are having trouble getting it into the hands of your potential customers. You can't seem to crack the door to the big box buyers' office and truly, you are only one person... how many sales calls can you make?!

You know that your product is better than your local farmer's or flea market. This is your baby. You will die getting this business off the ground and right now, it feels like you are. You have spent countless, tireless hours revising your product to be perfect and borrowed more money than you want to admit working to make your business viable. You are at the point where you are not sure how much more you can take... but you NEED to make this work.

STOP THE INSANITY NOW! and conquer your sales.
It is not your product, it is your sales and marketing game that needs help.In just 8 weeks you have the potential to move more inventory than you have all year. You will have a sales rep in almost every state and be showing at trade shows you didn't even know existed. AND YOU WON'T HAVE TO PHYSICALLY BE THERE TO DO THE WORK. Your product will be featured on websites with an existing audience in the 1000s+ and your brand awareness will skyrocket. You will walk out of bootcamp having already started implementing your definitive marketing plan that will only improve over time.

I'm not going to lie... it is work. I don't have a magic potion that makes you immediate sales, but I do know what it takes and how play the game. I will allow you you avoid the extremely costly mistakes I have seen many of my clients make and avoid some big mistakes we've made ourselves and empower to you to conquer your marketing, sales, profit and inventory.
I am happy to engage you one-on-one for individual consultant work, but if what you need is a proven plan and strategy for marketing and sales,
then my Prototype to Prosperity BOOTCAMP is perfect for you.

In 8 short weeks you will have a full marketing plan with the processes in place to implement a fully integrated sales process and funnel for your retail product. Via weekly webinars and group Q&A calls and 4 hours of personal coaching calls, you will be whipped into shape and ready to conquer your product-based business.

Just some of your goals for 8 weeks:
• identifying your story
• solidifying your wholesale pricing
• how to engage and profit from a flash sale site
• how to present and engage
- buyers' agents
- retail buyers
- distributors
• create a social media strategy
• create and e-commerce site
• best practices for e-commerce
• relevant tradeshows
• identify your tribe with laser focus
• ... and so much more!

There is no reason to wait! Today is the day to conquer your retail product sales!

Our latest Bootcamp started August 14. Enroll now to join us! Engagement is limited to 12 people per month... so call us now to reserve your spot!

About Amanda

Please, reach out to start the conversation. I am here to share my experiences with you, guide you through the process of bringing your product to market and work with you to prepare a plan of action that allows you to do what you do best.

I am a dynamic speaker, a charismatic coach and a talented designer. I am a trusted advisor to my clients and have helped to get products on the shelves of Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Wegmans, Pet Smart, Costco and countless smaller boutique retail establishments.

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