About Me


HELLO, MY NAME IS AMANDA ALTMAN. Aside from being a mother to three children under 5 and a doting wife, I am a trusted advisor to my clients and have helped them to get products on the shelves of Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Wegmans, Pet Smart, Costco and countless smaller boutique retail establishments.

HOW? I have done it myself. My husband created silhouettes of birds to decorate our new home in 2009. Friends and family started asking for them and before we knew it, we were producing a full line of nature-inspired wall decals that interact with the frames and furnishings in the space. We thought this product would do well in the gift and boutique market.

In October, 2010 we launched our hobby into a business with a full e-commerce site and numerous product reviews from decor and mommy bloggers. Within one month, we got our first large sale which was via a flash site where we moved 5000+ units in 3 days. Within a year of being in business, we had shown at one of the largest gift shows in North America, been features on a number of flash sale sites, had over 80 sales reps carrying our product across the country and were in brick and mortar retail stores from coast to coast.

Today you can find Molding Mates in over 50 retail stores nationwide, 3 in Ontario, Canada and we have a distribution contract with Amazon where they place orders weekly from their distribution centers. Check it out here

How did we know what to do?
My husband and I own an award winning Package, Logo & Branding Design Agency, A3 Design, located in the outskirts of Rochester, NY. We have been in business for over 11 years (5 of them in Charlotte, NC) and work with companies nationwide to develop package designs that jump from the retail shelves and corporate logo designs that shout above the chatter. Working within the retail category for so long has provided us with the continual education to understand both sides of the business.

We have worked with buyers to understand what they are looking for when a product is presented. We have worked with online flash sales sites to understand what products do best with their customers. We are continually keeping up with market trends both in sales and design. And our formal education has provided us with an innate understanding of color theory, composition, typographic hierarchy, consumer behavior and an undeniable talent for clever visual implications.