I am charismatic and entertaining. I have been told that my energy is contagious. I speak on a number of topics and would love to engage your audience.

I work to provide information that helps my audience. Participants walk away with the knowledge and confidence to create a change in their business strategy.

If you have a topic you would like me to address to your audience, I am happy to customize. I wear my heart on my sleeve and am an open book. There is nothing I won’t talk about-candidly. Give me a call!



Oh, the designer. We are a unique creature. Part of an exclusive club that sees through marketing clichès, analyzes font choices and finds meaning in things like color, pattern and composition.

I sat on the board as the events coordinator for AIGA Charlotte with a dear friend and colleague for over 5 years. I participated on many discussion panels and did informal conversational presentations at events throughout my tenure. I have since been a featured speaker at the UPSTNY Create Upstate conference and have been a visiting presenter at my alumni, SUNY Fredonia and Rochester Institute of Technology. I have sat in on countless student portfolio reviews and subsequently have made lasting connections with incredible talent along the way.

I share this all with you to express my passion and dedication to our craft. I LOVE OUR clique! I love our conversations, our complaints, our shared advice and journeys. Talking to designers fills my cup. Here are some of the topics I have shared with designers and panels I have contributed to.

Mind My Own Business

Quite simply, I share my journey in our business from design school to today. I answer the two questions I get most often: 1. How do you work with your husband? and 2. How did you decide to niche your service offering? Designers relate, parents relate, business owners relate. I share candidly. I answer questions. I make people laugh… and cringe.

Philosophy of Consumerism

This presentation was specifically prepared for a class by the same name at Rochester Institute of Technology. I share industry knowledge on color theory, font choice and hierarchy, shopping patterns and consumer behavior. I often get “ah-ha’s” as people realize how they have been subjected to the marketing ploys of our industry. It is an eye-opening experience.

Women in Design

I sat on a very fun and empowering panel discussion in Charlotte, NC with a who’s who of women designers in that region at the time. This is something I would be thrilled to participate in for any chapter.

The Business of Design

This is certainly more of a conversation. I could talk for hours and still not share everything I know. And truly, there is even more I don’t know. I start with some basics but open up the floor to address the current challenges of the audience. I answer questions that budding design business owners have and provide feedback on where to find answers I do not have.


This is my most popular audience. They are the brainiacs behind countless new products and big ideas. They know their business, but they don’t know what to do next. Often times before they make it to my “Big Idea. What Next?” workshop, they see me speak about increasing sales with their current products or taking a new product to the retail market. I have customized this presentation for specific industries like beer and wine, food, gift products and business services or kept the industry wide open to be all inclusive. I have received very positive feedback on the information I provide and the audience responds well to the physical printouts that accompany my presentations.

I have done as little as 30 minutes or as much as a full day workshop on this topic. I cannot wait to hear about all of the big ideas in your audience!

Big Idea. What Next?

The infamous introduction to my workshop by the same name. I’d be happy to expand on any one of the topics in my workshop.

Impact Packaging

This talk very specifically deals with the impact made at the point of purchase on the retail shelf. I provide palpable examples of every concept I introduce and discuss the very real implications that packaging has on sales with case studies both good and bad. Branding, consumer behavior and retail philosophies are all addressed in this presentation.

ROI on Branding

It is sad how often businesses fail because they refuse to recognize the value in creating an engaging and authentic brand. This talk presents the basic concepts of good branding and how they impact a business. We talk numbers, expectations on either side of the designer/business owner relationship and I share some comical mistakes.

Small Business Expo

I sat on panel discussion of small businesses for an audience of over 300 people in Rochester, NY. The questions were smart and dealt with the ideas of owning a service based business vs. a product based business, geographic challenges and customer service best practices. I would be thrilled to share be involved in any discussion surrounding small businesses both local or national.

List of Organizations

This is a quick list of the organizations that I have addressed:
Business Innovation & Growth
CHLT Ad Club
Kiwanis Clubs
Mohawk Valley Ad Club
Moxie Exchange
National Association of Women Business Owners
Rotary Clubs
Rochester Professional Consultants Network
Rochester Young Professionals
Rochester Women’s Network


I am strong business woman and have been the face of my company for 12 years and running. I have sat on boards for corporate organizations and non-profits alike. I have chaired charity events that have raised 10s of thousands of dollars for arts education and healthcare awareness. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, sister, friend, mentor and confidant. I balance it all to keep my sanity and sustain the respect that I have worked so hard to gain from my colleagues both male and female alike.

I love to share my journey. I thrive on connecting with other women. I cherish the bond created when they relate to my struggles and see hope in the solutions I have implemented.

I want to connect with the women of your group! Here are some of the topics that I have spoken on, but certainly not all that I am familiar with. Give me a call and we’ll create a one-of-a-kind engagement for your organization.

The Juggle

I constantly get asked… “how do you find that work/life balance?” There is no balance. It is a juggle. And many days, my life is a circus. The lines are constantly blurred between work and home and my hats are piled high on my head. I speak candidly about making the transition from work-all-night business owner to working mother. I address the real feelings that both my husband and I had to deal with as my priorities changed, the intimate discussions we had surrounding my involvement in the business at each stage of our career and how I chose to deal with remaining a strong head of our business and household.

Partners in Business & Life

“I could never work with my husband/wife!” is the most common exclamation I get when I tell people that I am in business with my husband. Like any relationship, the one I have with my husband in our business takes work. It has evolved and has its ups and downs. This talk discusses my personal experience in working with someone I love and provides very real advice on how to deal with common (and some not so common) situations that arise in working with a loved one or a friend. This talk is very applicable to any close personal relationship in a business environment.

So, You’re a Woman

Yup. It may come as a surprise, but I am a woman. I have dealt with stereotypes of being a woman in an artistic field as I enter corporate boardroom after corporate boardroom filled with old, white suits. I reflect on situations where others have thought of me as uneducated, young or flighty simply by my appearance or stereotype surrounding my industry. I share with the audience my lady-like responses to the offenders and where I get the confidence to do so and move on with pride. This is definitely an inspirational conversation that helps others in similar situations to find their voice.

Women in Business

I sat on panel discussions for a business organizations both in Charlotte, NC and Rochester, NY regarding being a woman in business. I would be honored to sit on any panel of the same nature for your organization.

Women in Design

I sat on a very fun and empowering panel discussion in Charlotte, NC with a who’s who of women designers in that region at the time. This is something I would be thrilled to participate in for any chapter.